The AWARDS at Westminster Company is what sets us apart!

  • 1995, we were recognized by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®) as an Accredited Management Organization, which helped us bring on more fee managed units.
  • 1997, we were recognized by HUD for having established the first Neighborhood Networks Computer Learning Center in North Carolina, promoting education and self help for our residents. We currently have over 28 functioning centers.
  • 1998 & 1999, our properties were recipients of HUDS “Best Practices” Award, promoting the sharing of information about properties that promote proper management, accounting and resident policies.
  • 2001, we had 17 properties named in HUD’s top 1000 performing properties nationwide, based on criteria such as physical condition of the property, fiscal integrity of its operations and overall management.
  • 2002, our corporate office received a “Superior” rating in a team management audit and review by HUD, promoting excellence in operating procedures and accounting policy as it relates to HUD regulations. We also had properties receive the SAHMA (Southeastern Assisted Housing Management Association) 2002 Community of Quality National Representative award, promoting significant dedication to excellence in affordable housing.
  • 2004, Site Property Manager A. J. Chavis was awarded the prestigious Ed Sisson scholarship at the annual SAHMA meeting. Spring Grove, a Westminster managed property located in Taylors, SC, was awarded SAHMA’s Most Improved Property award.
  • 2005, Westminster Company was awarded HUD’ Neighborhood Networks Champion for Change award. Site Property Manager Jane Henderson was awarded HOPE Worldwide’s Site Manager of the Year for the state of South Carolina. Site Property Manager Vaughan Towers was awarded USDA Rural Development’s Site Manager and Maintenance Caretaker of the Year award. Vice President Leah Lyerly was awarded SAHMA’s State Director of the Year award. Over 40 Westminster managed properties were designated SAHMA Communities of Quality, having achieved a high standard of excellence in the way they are maintained and managed, the services they provide residents, the experience and training of personnel and other criteria
  • 2006, Site Property Manager Cheryl Ross was awarded SAHMA’s Site Manager of the Year for the state of South Carolina. Westminster Company received a special recognition award for our continued work with the South Carolina Neighborhood Networks Coalition. Site Property Manager Vaughan Towers was awarded SAHMA’s Site Manager of the Year for the state of North Carolina.
  • 2007,NAHMA (National Assisted Housing Management Association) announced that Westminster Company received national recognition as a “Community of Quality Corporate Partner”. This honors management companies that have committed to promoting Community of Quality properties.
  • Current,SAHMA Excellence in Management award Martha Poore 2010 and Sherry Simonson 2012. SAHMA Excellence in Maintenance award Phillip Rhoden 2012. Every year we have over 250 residents submit for the SAHMA drug free poster contest. In 2012 we had 4 winners for their respective category.