Staff Management


The MANAGEMENT team at Westminster Company is ready to manage your property. We provide a staff that is courteous, professional and organized. We take great pride in our people and the ability of their skills through our constant:

  • Communication
  • Training
  • Team environment

We are dedicated to the needs of your property’s business and caring for communities and residents. Regional Property Managers make regular visits to ensure the value of your property is maintained and improved.

We are leaders in our industry by taking active roles in our state and national business associations. We are an Accredited Management Organization through the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM®). Our on-site managers are supervised by Certified Property Managers or candidates for that designation through IREM®. We lead in our communities by working with all levels of authorities to provide a :

  • Safe
  • Educational
  • Comfortable home environment

Our staff is readily available through onsite offices, regional offices and our central office – we never let an issue go unheard.

Westminster Company is confident that the addition of our team will make your property a success.

Staff Directory :

Name Position E-Mail Phone
Leah Lyerly Executive Vice President 336-375-1552 Ext.204
Tripp Hankins Vice President Asset
Management 336-375-1552 Ext. 211
Debbie Nunn Treasurer 336-375-1552 Ext. 229
Ron Cagno Senior Vice President 336-375-1552 Ext. 202
Kathy Nail Regional Property Manager
– N. C. 336-375-1552 Ext. 205
Jeff Gagnon Regional Property Manager
– N. C. 336-375-1552 Ext. 212
Dean Graves Regional Property Manager
– N. C. 336-375-1552 Ext. 219
Leiona Allen Regional Property Manager
– S. C.
336-375-1552 Ext 226
Jane Henderson Regional Property Manager
– S. C. 1-866-887-0149 Ext. 2
Jim Laboe Regional Property
Manager – S. C. 1-866-887-0149 Ext. 1
Lisa Ore Controller 336-375-1552 Ext. 214
Kent Bighinatti IT Director 336-375-1552 Ext.
Sonya Spivey HR/Payroll Manager 336-375-1552 Ext.